Multiple Teams · Madison Faulkner-A Happy Warrior

Madison Faulkner-A Happy Warrior

by Seaborn Ellzey JPI Sports Contributor

Madison Faulkner has achieved the loftiest of lofty-the catbird seat by
sitting atop the list of all-time scorers in Caverna Basketball history
{Boy or Girls} and still counting. This remarkable feat does not impress
Ms. Faulkner all that much,”I’m not really into records or honors. Don’t
get me wrong, I am aware of everything especially this scoring record and
it does make me proud but what I really have enjoyed is the games, my team
mates, Coaches-friends-the whole experience is what I think about.”

The “whole experience” of Madison Faulkner’s Basketball experience started
in the 6th Grade at Caverna and includes being named All-District four
times, All-Region{Tournament and Season} twice and All-State twice.
Besides her 3,036 points to date, she has amassed 1.346 rebounds and
handed out 261 assists. These numbers will all be advanced with at least
five more games left in her career. It is interesting to note that her
only legitimate threat to her total points is her twin brother Mason, who
at this writing is around 200 points behind her.

When asked about personally notable games in her memory she
responded,”When we beat Hart County for the first time in years my
Freshman year and when we upset a great Adair County Team in my Sophomore
year. Then, of Course, last season when we beat Green County and went to
the ‘A’ State Tournament and beat Bath County in the first round. I love
competing and I love winning and in the past seven years we have won a
lot.” Asked about her thoughts on this, her last year of High School play,
she had this to say,”I guess just thinking about how life will be
different, already dreading about how it will be leaving my Family, this
place and my friends. Wanting to work hard to try and help make our
younger players better, going to College somewhere-Mason and I talked
about going to the same school to play. I don’t know, I’m excited and sad
at the same time. I know I am glad my parents haven’t tried to shelter
Mason or me, we are both prepared to leave our Family but that won’t stop
me from missing them–every single day. I just hope I wont be calling them
every day, about every little thing, but knowing I can is comforting.”

Unlike her Brother Mason, Madison has not signed a letter of intent yet
but she has trimmed a long list of College offers down to three: Austin
Peay, in West Central Tennessee; Pikeville University, in far Eastern
Kentucky; and Lindsey Wilson, in Columbia, Kentucky. Madison believes,”Any
of the three are good fits for me and I just want to give myself a little
more time.” Meanwhile, her Father Corneilus, “Wouldn’t be upset if she
ends up at NKU where Mason will attend.” However Cornelius clarified his
statement,”That being said, Madison’s choice will be up to her.”

A personal observation of Madison’s Basketball behavior for the past five
years and her school and personal demeanor for the same time frame, she
strikes me as possessing, more or less, a constant countenance of
ebullience- which leads me to borrow and paraphrase a few lines from
Wordsworth’s “The Happy Warrior.”
Who is she
That every Warrior in arms should wish to be
It is the generous spirit
That makes the path before them
Always bright